Crowdfunding platform
for photographic projects

How Selfself was born

Selfself was born from the need to create a structure and a community that could support young authors and more established photographers in the realization of their projects. An editorial project for Selfself is not necessarily linked to a production and distribution in the classic commercial channels but rather, it is directly created by those to whom it is addressed.

Crowdfunding is not shopping

Crowdfunding, literally collective funding, is a collaborative process of a group of people using their own money to support the efforts of individuals and organizations in the creation of projects and/or products. Funding, in this case of a book, is done through the purchase of rewards, which include various items including the book itself. The sum of these donations, in a given time, will allow the finalization and production of the printed project if the minimum amount indicated in each campaign is reached.

The Authors

The authors involved in Selfself are young and/or emerging photographers, but not only. The platform presents a selection of about ten authors every quarter, researched on the basis of their project or selected following spontaneous candidacy, after evaluation of the proposed photographic work. The photographers, both Italian and foreign, come from the most diverse working and creative backgrounds, thus allowing their coexistence within Selfself during the three-month period.

Creative process

The works that make up each campaign are part of a strictly personal research that the photographer wants to show to the public with the help of it, in order to realize an artistic object based on the author-user relationship. Each work is reviewed together with the photographer through an editing process, designed to finalize the physical paper object, which involves several creative steps to be carried out in unison between photographer and platform.

Campaign / Fundraising

Each campaign is structured on a fundraising, crowdfunding in fact, providing a new way of publishing. We believe it’s important for every photographer to give visibility to their work and we want to help them in this intent. The campaign will be presented on Selfself channels and on those of the individual author, involving the public in support of the project. In this way the fundraising will allow to receive the necessary financing for the production of the book and will be totally managed by the photographer with the internal help of the platform. There is a minimum threshold for the realization of each book.


Each donation can be made through the purchase of packages, called rewards, which allow those who purchase to receive a testimonial of the donation. Divided by range, the rewards will allow the realization of the physical object even with a small contribution. Each donor will be mentioned inside the book, whatever the amount donated. In this way, each supporter of the project can feel part of the work and its realization, getting in return at the end of the campaign, in fact, a reward. In case of a negative outcome of the fundraising, the rewards will still be delivered for a single amount less than € 25 (postcards, posters and shoppers) while the higher donations will be diverted.

Project realization

If, after three months, the indicated quota is reached, it will be possible to proceed with the physical realization of the project. In this phase will also begin the printing of rewards which will be sent immediately after. Each donor will be updated via newsletter on the progress of the work.

General conditions

Refund policy: For any campaign that has not reached the minimum threshold, there is a full refund of orders
Delivery policy: All purchased rewards will be realized and consequently shipped, depending on the option chosen, in about three months from the end of the campaign
Return policy: No returns of donations made are accepted.
Cancellation policy: No cancellations of donations made are accepted.