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Liquida Photo Festival Grant 2021

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New Liquid Visions


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A tale on photography by the winners of Liquida Grant 2022


Liquida Photofestival, with Artistic Direction by Laura Tota and production by Paratissima, is the festival that testifies to the state of the contemporary image.

Fluid, elusive, ubiquitous, powerful and fleeting: the image of hypermodernity inhabits us and we are pervaded by it in every moment of our existence. In what Zygmunt Bauman has called “liquid modernity,” even photography adapts to a malleability of form and content made possible not only by technology, but by a new societal approach to the image itself. Every individual is now a producer and consumer of images through which he or she relates to others, attributing to photography the value of a universal language. There has soon been a shift to a “liquid photography” of Fontcubertian memory, ephemeral and malleable, increasingly more like a mental image than an object photograph. In this panorama whose future developments are increasingly played on digital and intangible paradigms, “Liquida Photofestival” wants to be a reference to return, as much as possible, the state of photographic research in its different forms of expression and the state of the image at the precise moment of its manifestation, trying to give voice to the new talents of contemporary photography, not only from the point of view of authorial production, but also of photographic reflection, involving insiders who today begin their own path in this cosmos in constant becoming. A festival in which the image flows, following the path of a river sometimes impetuous, sometimes docile, but never equal to itself.

In its aim to promote young photographic talent, Liquida Photofestival has responded to the need to convey new visual narratives as much as possible. This is why the “Liquida Grant” was born, aimed at rewarding the best proposals among those received through the call with a group exhibition during Liquida Photofestival, held in Turin in May 2022. The winning shots were selected by a jury of new photography professionals, thus restoring the power of the image in narrating the kaleidoscope of contemporaneity.

It was from the common mission that the collaboration between Liquida and Selfselfbooks was born, awarding the 10 winning authors of the Grant, and 10 special mentions, with this collective publication published by Selfselfbooks and included in the 2023 crowdfunding cycle.

Selected photographers:

Alessandra Scoppetta, Carla Sutera Sardo, Elisa Moro, Georgia Kontodimou, Giacomo Bianco, Kety Duran, Marco Del Zotto, Riccardo Fasana, Sara Gentilini.

Alessandro Sillavi, Anna Stagnaro, Federico Boni, Giorgia Pastorelli, Giulia Bernardi, Dillon Roberts, Sarah Wiedmann, Stefano Maniero, Su Kui.



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